02 May 2010

Purple Iris

The purple iris are in bloom! We brought them from our first house (the one I consider our REAL home) 16 years ago and they are still doing well.

We have a few patches of these iris. I had planned to divide them this spring, but that didn't seem to happen. For now, I'm just enjoying their beautiful color.


Cheri said...

Oh well...fall is a great time to divide iris also:) They look beautiful! I need to get mine treated for the borer insect again; I always seem to have problems with that and then rot here:(

Heather said...

Oooo! They are beautiful. I've been patiently waiting for mine to bloom but I've got several weeks to go I think.

Kristina said...

They're gorgeous! Before we sold my mother's house, my brother and I went and dug up all of her iris and rose bushes for our own yards. :)