18 May 2010

Senior year is fun, finally!

I will not lie...we have had a VERY stressful senior year. The college search, auditions, and then the subsequent decision process hung like a dark cloud over our house. My friends will tell you that I have been near my wit's end for most of the school year.

But now that the whole college thing has been decided, life is good! The Dark Cloud of Uncertainty About the Future lifted just in time for us to enjoy the last month of the senior year. Don't get me wrong -- things are certainly busy. There are projects to finish, finals to study for, and a couple more amazing jazz band gigs to play. And scrapbooking to do. And an open house to plan. But all of that is a different kind of stress: short-term busyness. We can deal with that.

Here's a layout I finished up recently about our Mock Trial team's first and only trip to state competition. You can see our team name, Team Tinselfrog, on the plaque. (Click on the picture to bigify.) Since the team is partly named after our cat, Tinsel, it's exciting for me to see her name engraved on something. :-)

My point being (and I can hear Daughter saying, "Mom, get to the point!") is that it's busy around here, but it's a FUN kind of busy, for the most part. Too much to do, not enough time to do it all, but it's OK.

Senior year is FINALLY fun. We're finally looking forward, not back.


Connie said...

It's been a long road, but you made it - together - and all in one piece! Congratulations and I'm glad you're having fun!!!

Janet said...

Thank you, Connie! You witnessed the good, the bad, and the ugly. Thanks for being a great friend through it all. :-) (And I hope you took notes...one of these days, it will be your turn!)

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Congrats! Glad you made it to the fun part!

Kristina said...

Glad to hear your stress level is down. It's time to celebrate now!