07 May 2010

Plant List

Here's a list of the plants I put in the "new" bed next to the garage (see yesterday's post). These are mainly "full sun" perennials that can handle afternoon heat:

Back of the garden:
Phlox - Already in garden from last year
Shasta Daisy - I've had success with this variety in the past
Beardstongue - Beautiful foliage with dainty flowers
Coreopsis (tickseed) - Saved from the old garden
Bee Balm - An Iowa native

Middle of the garden:
Coneflower - Another Iowa native, although this particular one is a hybrid
Catananche - New plant for me with interesting foliage
Meadow Sage - I've had good luck with this
Cranesbill - Planted this in the front garden last year -- beautiful!
Anise Hyssop - New plant for me

Front of the garden:
Liriope (Lily Turf) - Planted this in the front garden and it's doing well
Hardy Geranium - I have another variety of this in a different bed
Dianthus - Not my favorite flower but it does well for me
Moss Phlox - Another new plant for me

1 comment:

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

It goes great with the non-pink house paint! :-) No really, very pretty!