06 May 2010

Long Overdue Garden Project

For a few years now, I've wanted to do something with the flower bed that runs the length of our garage. When we first moved into the house, we had it planted by a garden center but I was never happy with the mix of plants. Over time, most everything either died off or had to be moved elsewhere in the yard. The one plant remaining from the original installation was coreopsis (the tickseed variety). If you've ever had any of this, you know it has a tendency to spread and take over large parts of sunny spaces. I don't mind it, but we've got way too much of it in this bed and several other places around the yard now.

As you can see, the other issue with the coreopsis was its location along the front edge of the bed. This particular variety grows to about 24 inches high, making it more suitable for the middle or back of the bed.

Because I have been dealing with other flower bed issues and basically ignoring this one for the past few years, I've been planting super-tall zinnias or rocket snapdragons behind the row of coreopsis. But I'm tired of tending to annuals and much prefer perennials anyway.

So the coreopsis had to go! I kept some of it for this bed and moved other clumps elsewhere in the yard. It was pretty difficult digging to get it all out of the bed. I THINK I got it all but only time will tell!

While I was digging (feeling like the main character in Holes, by the way), I went ahead and dug up the entire bed and broke up all the clumps. (Does this count for exercise today?)

Next I set out my new perennials, determining placement by height. This bed gets morning shade and strong afternoon sun, making it basically a "full sun" bed. I chose perennials of three different heights which can tolerate afternoon heat.

I have a tendency to over-plant beds because my success rate isn't always the best. Plus I don't have the patience to wait years for beds to fill in. I'd rather move extra plants out of the bed than wait for tiny plants to grow. I'm sure this approach violates some garden rule but that's OK with me. Remember, I know only enough about gardening to be dangerous.

And here is the finished project! I am so happy to have a new look in this bed. We'll see how this garden grows in the coming weeks. I'll update as the summer goes along.


Fonda said...

Looks great Janet!
(Counts for exercise in my book anyday!)

Benita said...

Love the transformation! Can't wait to see them as they grow. And yes, that definitely counts as exercise :)

Kristina said...

Looks good! and yes, gardening counts as exercise.