15 May 2010

(A little) More garden progress

Yesterday I weeded, planted annuals, and mulched two or three (depending on how you count) large perennial garden areas. Quite a task. In spite of my claims to being in relatively good shape, I had to consume a few Advil after I finished.

I spent quite a bit of time last summer on the above flower bed. It appears to be in fairly decent shape so far this season. It looks like everything I planted made it through the very hard winter. We'll see how things shape up in the next few weeks.

This next bed has been a real problem since I planted it. I have serious spacing issues which I tried to rectify last summer by moving some plants out and adding new ones. Some overwintered, but others did not. The far end of the bed isn't looking too bad, but the rest of the bed still has issues. Nevertheless, a fresh coat of mulch made it look somewhat better than it did before I started.

Depending on how this bed shapes up, I may need to hire a professional to help me figure out what's wrong. I have a lot of good stuff in this garden, but I can't seem to get the spacing right.

This narrow side bed runs along the back of the house and around the corner. It should be next on my list to overhaul. I thinned out the iris a bit last year and they're blooming better this season, but the spiderwort is overtaking the area and I don't like how it flops down when it's done blooming. I may take part of it out and replace it with something else.

Gardening around here is very much a trial and error thing. I enjoy it, but I know just enough to get myself in way over my head.

Of course, that's half the fun. :-)


Heather said...

Very nice! I updated my gardening blog this morning with some of the things I've been doing. I need to take some more photos to add.

Kristina said...

Looks great! Love all the variety. I got some of my planting done yesterday, but still more to do. Bought another gorgeous knock out rose and need to get some more wave petunias. I can't plant too much more because if we decide to build another house, I don't want to spend the money at this house.

Linda said...

I love looking at all your garden photos. Dave keeps on me about picking flowers for out front but it is so hard. Hopefully next year I will get it together and decide on something.