21 May 2010

Feline Friday: Puffball Bonanza

In a recent post, I described Lily's obsession with small white puffballs. She had lost them for several months, and we recently found them under the refrigerator. Lily played feverishly with her beloved puffballs for a couple of days then lost them again. Since my last post, it's been a constant cycle of Find the Puffball/Lose the Puffball. I've taken to wielding a yardstick so that I can quickly fish out puffballs from under appliances.

But these days, I have more pressing matters to deal with than retrieving dusty puffballs to satisfy a desperately meowing kitty. So on a recent trip to Hobby Lobby, I made a purchase:

An entire bag of puffballs! Lily now has a huge supply at her disposal. I can dole them out at will and get back to my Pressing Matters.

You can see by the blissful look on her face that she is in Puffball Heaven!

Oops! A puffball went over the edge of the staircase!

Down she goes to retrieve it!

As you can see, the puffballs are having a very beneficial side effect: They are helping with Lily's weight loss program. She spends a lot of time each day chasing her puffballs. We toss them; she retrieves them. She bats them around and carries them up and down the stairs. Lily is moving around more than she has in months.

Just don't tell her that she's exercising. If she figures it out, I'm afraid she'll hide them all under the fridge!


Maureen said...

Ha! I hope the Puffballs last more than a day before she "loses" them all under the fridge again ;)

What a cutie!

Sarah said...

Hehe. Lily is totally in puffball heaven. :) So cute!

Kristina said...

Whatever it takes to get them up moving is good! Lily should be in puff ball heaven. Ours love those little mice and the lazar pointer. They go nuts over that!