05 May 2010

Gotta love old pictures

As much as I like working with photos of current events, I'll admit that it is pretty fun scrapbooking photos from past events. And we all know I have PLENTY of past events to scrapbook! This is one of several older layouts I've made recently, many of band or vocal activities.

I love looking at these old photos. It's fun to see how much our daughter has changed over the years. In addition, I'm enjoying working with 3.5x5 photos. Back when I used a film camera, I had most of my photos developed in that size. While the smaller photos don't fill the page like 4x6 prints, the fact remains that you can fit more pictures on a page. This is a good thing, people!

The other thing I've noticed is that my 3.5x5 event photos are generally terrible -- blurry, dark, unrecognizable, or all of the above. With film cameras, we couldn't check the quality like we do with digital cameras. Nowadays I have lots of good digital photos to work with -- often, TOO MANY. But my old distance shots are often so poor that I don't need to scrapbook very many of them. Ironically, this is also a good thing!

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