30 April 2010

Feline Friday: Whodunnit?

I walked past the bathroom this week and noticed that something was amiss:

The toilet paper had been unrolled.

The spare roll was also unrolled. Toilet paper was all over the floor.

Who could be responsible for this naughtiness?

A gray tabby suspect -- with cute little white tennis shoes --
is in custody but so far, she isn't talking.


Connie said...

Funny! But at least your toilet paper has just been unrolled - ours gets big chunks bitten out of the middle of the roll, then strewn around the house by one paper-loving yellow lab. Twice this week we've had this happen! We can't even leave the paper within reach anymore - we need to put it up high where he can't get to it!

Fonda said...

Too funny!
At my house it's a cute little 4 year old who's generally responsible.

Kristina said...

HA HA! It happened to you again...see, you shouldn't have commented on the picture I shared a week or so ago....lol