23 April 2010

Feline Friday: Puffballs FOUND and LOST!

Of call the cat toys we have around this house, Lily loves her puffballs best. These fuzzy toys are remnants of past craft projects. Lily has commandeered them in several sizes and colors, but the puffballs she prefers are the small white ones, about the size of a quarter.

The first time I saw Lily with one of these small puffballs in her teeth, I took it away from her because I thought she would choke. But upon closer observation, I could see that she never puts it completely in her mouth. She simply clamps onto the puffball and transports it for short distances to find a better spot to play.

Of course, these puffballs are so small that they easily get lost. In fact, they had been lost for months and just recently resurfaced. Lily was quite excited to be reunited with her puffballs and took to carrying them all around the house.

It was quite an adorable sight to see.

Lily was in Puffball Heaven until yesterday, when both white puffballs disappeared again, no doubt under some appliance or piece of furniture. I've offered the large red puffball or the medium black puffball as a substitute, but she rejects them flat out.

She only wants her white puffballs. 

So this weekend, I'm thinking of asking Spouse to help slide the refrigerator out from the wall, under the guise of needing to clean for our graduation open house.

Sure, that probably needs to be done. But really, I'll be looking to put the smile back on Lily's face. :-)


Sarah C. said...

So cute! My cats have some rainbow colored ones that came in a jar of catnip. They love them too and tote them around like that. hehe Does Lily ever meow with it in her mouth? Cali will and it sounds like a pitiful cry. I'll pause to see what's wrong and then end up laughing when I see she's got that ball in her mouth. :D

Janet said...

Too cute, Sarah! Lily does not meow with the puffball in her mouth, but I can imagine that would be quite a sound! lol Tinsel carries toys to the foot of the stairs and then make that same meow sound you describe. I've always thought it was an instinctive "mama cat" meow, like she is taking something to her nest!

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Very cute! How funny that she only likes the white ones! It makes me wonder if it somehow reminds her of a tampon (which my cats LOVE and which I think must remind them of mice). :-)

Kristina said...

Cute! Our kitties like those little fuzzy mice. One time we moved the sofa to vacuum underneath and found 9 of them!..lol

Kirby will pick up toys in his mouth, cry and then drop them in the foyer...every...night...every.single.night.

Cheri said...

She is just too, too cute and funny! I totally see the appeal of the white puffballs; they are obviously way better than the others.

Hm...if you had purple, I'd like to play with them though;)