11 April 2010

Big project, simple layout

I've been working on older photos and was glad to finally scrapbook this particular set of pictures. Back in 2006, my daughter was an independent Girl Scout, meaning that she was not part of a troop but was working on her own on various Girl Scout projects. One of her projects was organizing our community's Thinking Day event. This is an annual Girl Scout day set aside for thinking of girls in other countries.

This particular year, she asked the scouts attending Thinking Day to donate school supplies to be given to needy children in other countries through UMCOR, the United Methodist Committee on Relief. Her part of the service project was to sew denim school bags for each set of supplies. As it turned out, the troops donated enough supplies to fill more than 50 bags, so she had a LOT of sewing to do!

She was only 13 at the time and was just learning to sew, but once her grandma got her started, she charged through this big project undaunted. We were (and still are!) very proud of her!


Sarah C. said...

What a great project! Very impressed by all those bags she sewed. And is that little Lily peeking out? Too cute! :)

Kristina said...

Great memory to preserve and what a nice project to complete.