02 April 2010

Feline Friday: Lily Plots her Escape

As soon as the weather started getting warmer, the kitties took to lurking at the back door, just waiting for the opportunity to bolt out of the house, into the garage, and on into the wide, wide world. But as much as I'd like them to be able to freely explore, it's just not safe. They can go outside on a leash, but not unattended!

Of course, this is not the response that Tinsel and Lily want to hear! So Lily has been actively (I use that word loosely!) plotting her escape all week.

It begins with her sitting daintily by the door and meowing in her sweetest voice. "Please? Let me out!"

Next, she advances to lightly pawing the door. This doesn't last long, because Lily thinks she is much taller than she actually is!

She has been working for months at reaching doorknobs, and when she stretches, she can do it! Thankfully, she is still having trouble turning the knobs or she would have been long gone!

Eventually all of that stretching and reaching gets pretty tiring, so Lily resorts to camping out on the box sitting atop our dryer. She's waiting for some unsuspecting person to open the door so she can execute her great escape.

That is, unless she's napping. :-)


Heather said...

We don't let our kitties outside either. I know they'd love it, but I'm so afraid something would happen to them! I need to get them a harness and leash...

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Better luck next time Lily!

I have a certain way that I come through doors where I sort of kick a little, tap really, with my foot near the spot where the nose of any would-be-escapee would be. I don't really bother looking anymore. I just assume that whatever door I open will have a furry little Houdini on the other side.

I like the color of your wall btw!

Maureen said...

HA Jill! You described EXACTLY how I enter or leave rooms when I know a certain wet nose will be on the other side of the door!

Better luck next time Lily... although I really don't wish you luck; I don't want you getting out into the big wide scarey world.

None of our cats are outdoor cats either; only one has been outdoors - Dakotah on a leash or one time, with me one step behind her for just a few seconds of exploration.