19 April 2010

Let the play-fight begin!

There is a lot of play-fighting around here. Lily generally starts it by taunting Tinsel in some fashion: dive-bombing her from the top of the couch, smacking her on the head, or blocking Tinsel's path, as she was doing here. You can see that she has her sweet back feet positioned against the wall so that she can push her heavy little body directly in front of Tinsel, not unlike a slow-moving missile. You can tell from Tinsel's ear position that she's irritated!

What follows is a lot of growling, head smacking, and chasing. I will say that Lily never snarls or uses her claws on Tinsel, who was front-declawed when we adopted her. They each do "pretend biting" but never touch the other with their teeth.

Even though this play-fighting sounds and looks scary, I think it's all in fun. And as much as Lily drives Tinsel crazy, I think she secretly enjoys having an irritating little sister around the house.


Sarah C. said...

I can relate - there is regular play-fighting (at least I hope it's play) in this house. Sometimes all I find is the evidence ... bits of fur.

Daisy said...

That sounds like our house! Harley is always having a great old time, but I get very irritated.

Kristina said...

I witnessed some play fighting today while working from home. We noticed that they have regular work out times, usually around 9:30 in the morning (at least on Saturdays and Sundays and at the same time today) and then again around 10:30 at night. DH says the nighttime workout includes chasing each other so fast and hard, they skid on the hard wood floors, crumble up rugs and occasionally knock things over, but we still love them.