14 April 2010

State Champs!

Our high school jazz ensemble competed in the Iowa State Jazz Championships yesterday against top bands from around the state. Two bands are chosen from each class to participate in finals. The 4A class is extremely competitive, so we were ecstatic that our band made finals for the first time in our school's history!

But we were even more ecstatic when our band won last night! What a thrill for the kids, our director, and for the entire music program in our district.

As our senior year begins to wind down, I am feeling so grateful for the many opportunities our daughter has had to participate in a rich variety of instrumental and vocal music activities throughout her school years, and for the many fine directors who have provided her with such a great musical foundation.

What an amazing ride it has been!


Connie said...

Congratulations to Miss B and the whole group! What a great way to end your Senior Year!

Janet said...

Thanks, Connie! It's been a great time, that's for sure.