25 April 2010

73 Pages and Counting

If you've been reading my blog, you've probably read that I've been feverishly working on scrapbook pages for my daughter's upcoming graduation open house, to be held in early June. (Any chance I could move that back by about a year? No?)

I had done a LOT of scrapbooking over the years, but I hadn't kept up very well with her many activities and events. When her senior year began, I thought that with a little more focused effort, I'd soon be on top of the situation.

Well, I was wrong. I didn't realize how much there was to do. You see, the girl who lives in this house is involved in many activities. Most of those activities include multiple performances each season. And that equates to many, many layouts for a given school year.

This month so far, I've completed 73 pages. That seems like a lot, but there is SO much more left to be done. My lofty goal of having her entire life scrapbooked by the time graduation rolls around is slipping away from me. I'm a tiny bit discouraged about that, but I'm nonetheless continuing on. I still have a few weeks to go!

So enough whining! Here's a layout I finished earlier this month documenting her 13th birthday party. This particular paper is one of my favorites so, of course, I only used a strip of it!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some serious scrapbooking to do. Bye! :-)


Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Oh goodness gravies, I haven't done my gal's 13th birthday either!

Good job on the plugging along! Seventy three pages is a TON no matter what!!!!!

It's a cute page - I like the circle paper and the number 13.

Fonda said...

Love this LO and the colors Janet! Wow--73--You deserve a gold star. Or Two, or two-thousand! At this point, whatever you have will be perfect!

Cheri said...

73, OMheck! Wow!! Good for you!

Kristina said...

Holy Cow! 73 pages? That's awesome!