25 September 2007

Organization: Card-Making Supplies

Last week, I decided to get control over my card-making stash. Most of my blank cards and envelopes were piled on my drawing table, and my embellishments for card-making were stored away in various places (out-of-sight, out-of-mind).

I decided to consolidate all of it in a three-drawer organizer. This ended up being no small task, as I had a lot more stuff than I remembered. After setting aside some things for a future garage sale, I put my envelopes in the bottom drawer, blank cards in the middle drawer, and smaller embellishments in the top drawer. While the smaller pieces are accessible, they are not particularly "containerized" yet, but at least they are all in one place. I'd like to use that drawer as a place to put embellishments that I will not use on layouts but might use on cards.

I also use a lot of cardstock and patterned paper scraps for card-making. I have those in separate drawers, organized by warm colors, cool colors, and neutrals. Right now, my patterned paper scraps are all in one big drawer.

This is not a sophisticated organization solution, but I think it will work well for me. The best part is that it freed up my drawing table so now I can actually use it!


Heather said...

I really like the idea of having all your cardmaking supplies in one place. I might have to do this with mine sometime. TFS! :)

Teresa Loop said...

Love this idea too! How perfect. Thanks for posting!

Sharon said...

I have a 4 drawer cart for my cardmaking. It is full, but I'm not quite satisfied with the organization as yet. The acrylic stamps and large stamp pads are in one drawer. It is good to have it separate from the sbing.

Lynn said...

Janet, I think I'm going to have to purchase many of those drawers! I have scraps and stuff everywhere right now. It is horrible. I've even managed to get upstairs on the diningroom table again! NO dinner here, lol.
Again, thanks for cheering me up today. I think we have gotten to the bottom of DJ's illness. Thanks for all your get well wishes.

toners said...

Great job! It's a great feeling, isn't it? Now, can you come over and do some organizing here? :)

Anonymous said...

I applaude your efforts to organize your card-making supplies. I try to stay as organized as I can. I will definitely take a few lessons from what you've done.