19 September 2007

2Peas Blogging Challenge: Christmas Cards

Today's 2Peas Blogging Challenge is this: With the holidays around the corner, are you planning on making your holiday cards? If so, when do you plan to start so you can get them all done?

Before I answer, let me ask: Do you know the story of the cobbler whose children had no shoes? Well, I am the card class instructor who doesn't make her own Christmas cards. How's that for ridiculous? We always laugh about this in class.

Truth is, we
don't always send Christmas cards. In years past, we actually sent New Year's cards, which sometimes turned into Valentine's Day cards, or even Saint Patrick's Day cards. Until last year, I had never sent many handmade Christmas cards. I'm usually so busy creating Christmas cards and projects for classes that I don't have time or inclination to make my own. I also have a deep aversion to making more than one of anything, so the idea of making 50 of the same card doesn't appeal to me at all.

Last year, though, I decided (at the very last minute, as a way to avoid Christmas shopping) to make a huge number of Christmas cards (each one different) using only scraps and leftover odds and ends. They actually turned out pretty well, so I decided I would try it again this year, only this time with new materials since I used up all of my Christmas leftovers. Fortunately, I happened upon a Rob & Bob Christmas Slab at our store's garage sale over the summer. While I love Rob & Bob stuff, I never buy slabs. But I decided that the three mixes of papers, stickers, and die-cuts would be perfect for this project. I'll throw in some cardstock, ribbon, ink, and brads and I'll be all set. In fact, I may be able to get two years worth of cards out of this stash, assuming I use most of the stuff this year and the scraps next year.

When I'll start making my cards is anybody's guess. It definitely won't be until December. Probably not until the snow flies and on a day when I really should be shopping. Let's just hope it's in time for Christmas. THIS Christmas, that is.

* * * * *

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Lynn said...

I do not make my cards either. I'm not into the whole card thing yet. Maybe one day. Last year I forgot to mail out my cards... so like you they were New Years Cards! Have a great day.

Linda said...

I can understand why you wouldn't want to make your own cards. Good luck getting them done. Using the slab sounds like a good way to go.

Alyssa said...

Love the paper colors. I am the same way...a SU demo who doesn't make stamped Christmas cards anymore. ...With three kids we just do a newsletter and a family picture.