17 September 2007

Fall is in the air

Just a quick post this morning with glimpses of some of our fall activities. Marching band season is fully underway, and that means 6:30 AM practices, invitationals, road trips, and football games. This past weekend was our school's Homecoming, which included a parade, a performance at the Friday evening game, and a dance, among many other activities throughout the week.

With these photos, I'm reminded why fall really is my favorite time of year.


Maureen said...

Okay, now. Just stop it....stop it will ya????


Geez, I wrote about Fall being my favorite time of the year today too.

Lurve the photos. BTW.

Yours sincerely,

Your long-lost twin sister.

jp said...

Maureen, I swear...this is getting scary, in only a good sort of way, of course! Makes me wonder what other weird things we may have in common...

Lynn said...

Love all the wonderful Homecoming Photos Janet. It is a very hectic time of the year. Wrestling is starting here for DJ in 4 short weeks and well Joseph still has not really decided if he is going to wrestle or not again (this is killing me, but it is his decision).
You and Maureen sound like you could be long lost twins! You both are on the same wave length lately. Hope you have a terrific Tuesday