01 September 2007

Inspired by: Tag

I taught a class awhile back about being inspired by packaging designs, advertisements, paintings, and more. If I recall, we made three layouts in that class, one which was based on a color scheme in DD's belt. I am always on the lookout for interesting designs and color schemes that can form the basis for a layout, card, or other project. Quite often these inspirational pieces kick me out of my creative rut by opening me up to new colors, an interesting layout plan, or a new way to work with a font.

A couple of weeks ago, I was emptying wastebaskets and happened to see this cute little tag at the bottom of my daughter's trash. I'm a firm believer that inspiration can be anywhere, including at the bottom of a wastebasket, so I fished it out and put it on my scrapbooking table.

I love both the color and design of this tag and thought it would make a great card. Because color was one of things that first attracted me to the tag, I wanted to come as close to the original colors as possible with the materials I had on hand. As it turns out, I have a flourish stamp and teal ink that worked for the foundation of the design. After fiddling around with a variety of Prima flowers, I decided that the colors weren't quite right, so I opted to use cardstock flowers made from punches and a QuicKutz die instead. The cardstock enabled me to get a closer (albeit not quite exact) match to the original.

This is a fun design and would be easy to replicate in different color schemes and themes by starting with a different foundation ink color.

My plan is to blog occasionally about things that inspire me in one way or another, so look for more of this kind of thing to come. How about you? What inspires you? If the spirit moves you, blog it!


Maureen said...

Love the card!!! I too find the coolest tags on daughter's clothes... haven't yet used them for anything tho... I guess YOU inspire me!!!

Sherri said...

Very cool...I love your card!

toners said...

Beautiful! I was sitting in Starbucks today and found some inspiration from some cups they had on display :) It really can come from the strangest places!

jp said...

Thank you, guys! Toni, I find the coolest stuff at Starbucks, too. In fact, I sketched the design of the bulletin board @ Starbucks and I'm always telling DH that I'm going to go sketch the big wall mural! He thinks I've lost it... :-) TFL! Janet

Sharon said...

I love the colors at Pier 1 and have used their shopping bags for inspiration. Recently, while sitting in the hospital waiting to see my mom's dr., I looked at a "REAL SIMPLE" magazine and tore out a page. Loved the LO. Of course, everyone around could not see the beauty of it all and thought that I was over the edge.

scrappinNcolumbia said...

Love the card. The colors are so beautiful.