11 September 2007

A very expensive layout

Every once in awhile, I figure I need to stop blogging about cats and other random subjects and post a layout. It would help if I were actually producing more layouts these days! I've been busy with class projects and kits, so time for personal scrapbooking is limited right now.

Good thing we have our monthly book club at the store, as it forces me to make something to show for myself. We've been reviewing the book Scrapbook to Cards for the last quarter (good book, by the way, AND it has spiral binding...ahhh). Each month we bring in projects inspired by the book. Usually I forget to even look at the book. Good thing you can't get kicked out for not doing your homework!

Anyway, I put this layout together yesterday before book club (nothing like doing your homework right before class, huh?). I usually don't print photos at home, but this time I was in a big time crunch. After printing the photos and seeing my that DD's arms were a funky shade of purple, I discovered that my beloved Canon was out of yellow ink. I raced to Office Depot, bought a cartridge, zoomed back home, installed it and THEN realized it was the wrong one, even though it fit perfectly and was identical to the original in every way (except for that tiny little number on the side...).

Back to Office Depot I went, this time to pick up the correct yellow cartridge and a magenta one, too, since I noticed upon installing the yellow one that magenta was almost empty. Well, I could not return the yellow one ($11.99) and I could only buy the correct yellow and magenta cartridges in a ginormous combo-pack ($59.99). What's a scrapbooker to do? I swallowed hard, swiped my credit card, and drove back home with the goods. Then, as if to add salt to my wounds, when I walked into the house I found the green Prima flower I'd intended to use on the kitchen floor, partially chewed and slobbered on by Lily.

All told, I figure this little layout cost around $78.



Maureen said...

Oh, wow... are we sisters seperated at birth or something? A few days ago, the red cartridge was out in my printer... darn Epson won't even print BLACK without all the cartridges installed and inked. So off I went to get it refilled. Blue was low too, so I brought my spare to be refilled at the same time. Blue cartridge leaked at the refiller's so I went home with red only, thinking I still had enough to at least print a bit. Wrongo. Red put in, now printer says blue completely out... as well as yellow. So back I go, get both of those refilled. Back home again. Now black is out... WT heck? I didn't even print anything, and it last showed about 1/4 left! So now I have to get more black. I swear it will be nearly $50 just in REFILLS to print anything.... arrghhhh!!!

Love the layout, BTW. :)

Monica M said...

Yikes! Not fun - thanks for sharing the story. Hope your next LO goes better....

BonnieRose said...

yikes, ur right, that is one pricey layout.. lol

toners said...

LOL!! The layout is beautiful, though - if that helps! :) Great photo :)

Connie said...

Layout: $78
Gas to and from the store: $10
Beautiful daughter that lets you take her picture for
use in a great layout: Priceless

Lynn said...

Ohhh My! When it rains, it pours! I swear thats the way it is here lately also. I'm pretty much out of black and I just got the darn thing about a month ago. I didn't do any special printing, so I don't know what is going on.
It is a beautiful lo! I'm sure one that will be cherished.

KarenSueM said...

well, at least its a very nice layout!!

jp said...

Maureen - If that weren't so funny, it might be kinda freaky!! :-) Oh, here's something else sort of freaky...you mentioned you had sold Tupperware in a previous life? For years I dreamed of doing that!! My parents worried that I'd quit college to become a Tupperware Lady! Too weird! :-)

Thanks, everyone, for listening to my whining and for your nice comments. :-) I guess I'll always remember this layout, huh??!

Jill said...

That must be why I never scrapbook anymore... :-0 :-0 :-0

PRETTY layout though!!!!!!!

Theresa said...


Maureen said...


:D Hah! We ARE sisters!

I sure was a Tupperware lady... okay, now you've got me thinking of a Tupperware-worthy post!