03 September 2007

Just picked

One of the reasons I plant flowers is so that I can have bouquets like this one: nothing fancy -- just colorful, informal bundles of blooms tucked in a simple vase or jar.

I think we're just about at the end of bouquet season. The zinnias are in rapid decline, and the daisies are giving me a rare end-of-summer repeat bloom.

It's nice to bring a bit of the garden inside...while it lasts.

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Maureen said...

"...while it lasts."

Until Lily gets at them, that is ...


Rachael said...

How beautiful!! It is so nice being able to have a bouquet of flowers that you grew yourself!!

jp said...

Maureen -- so true!! And she'll eat ANYTHING!

Rachael -- thanks! That's the best thing about growing flowers, I think. :-)

jp said...
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