17 September 2007

Got cat photos? Got time to waste?

Thanks to my blogging friend (and apparently long-lost twin sister!) Maureen, I've now been officially sucked into the wonderful world of lolcats. You can get sucked in, too. All you need are a few cat photos (and if you're reading my blog, chances are you have 'em) and only a slight amount of creativity.

Visit lolcatbuilder for complete instructions on how you, too, can waste more time than you ever knew you had.


Maureen said...

Hah! LOL the photo... I have one of those "irons" too... except it's my black cat who insists on pressing my white jacket.

Heather said...

Cute pic! I'll have to check out that website later.

Hey...you've been tagged...check out my blog for details. :)

Sofia said...

Love it! I'm addicted to lolcats too, but haven't actually made one of my own yet.