26 July 2016

Florida Album: Progress

Back in March, I posted that I'd picked up an old unfinished scrapbooking project with hopes of finishing it sooner than later. Well, it's still not done, but now I can say it is HALF done! It turns out that I took more photos on this trip to Florida than would possibly fit into a single album, so this project is now a two-album "set"! 

The first album (now finished...YAY!) encompasses the time we spent at Universal Studios. The second album (soon to be started...YAY!) will include photos of our trip to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter -- ON OPENING DAY!

I followed a similar format throughout the album with a few repeating designs. The colors vary from page to page, but limiting the designs and products helps tie the album together -- and it makes scrapbooking go much faster!

I made ample use of pocket pages, one of the best products to ever hit the scrapbooking world. This was also a great opportunity to incorporate some of my slightly hoarded stash of chipboard travel embellishments.

 This chipboard guy was perfect for the Blues Brothers photos on this page, but I would never have remembered him had I not pulled all of my travel products and stored them with this project in a plastic project box. This was a great way to keep all of the materials organized, something I'll definitely do again for the next album I start!

Back when I started the project, I purchased a few die cut titles for my pages. Having them all stored with the product ensured that I could find them when I needed them!

 I'm quite excited to get started on the Harry Potter portion of this trip! I have a good stash of Harry Potter papers at the ready. Now to carve out a few days to finish this project completely!

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