15 July 2016

Feline Friday

 Our daughter was home for a few short days recently. She hadn't been seen in these parts since Christmas -- and she hadn't been home in the summer since 2014! Needless to say, all activity stopped at our house while she was home so that we could just hang out together.

 Both fur girls put up with a surprising amount of cuddling from Bailey. They were also treated to nail trims, which is always easier to do with a fellow cat person!

Here's Lily looking only somewhat annoyed. :)

 Here's Lily again in her normal evening position...just on a different lap for a few days.

Bailey and Lily pioneered the "riding on back" position. Lily will ride on my back but she clearly prefers Bailey!

Tinsel is not at all cuddly but she did put up with more handling than usual. Whenever you attempt to hold or pet Tinsel, she does much better if you support her chin as Bailey is doing here. LOL

 Here's another "Support My Chin" pic!

 But my all-time favorite photo is this one! Tinsel's expression had us all laughing hysterically!
I think Lily and (maybe) Tinsel would agree that it was great to have Bailey home for a few days! :)

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