04 July 2016

More Painting Fun

 Lately I've been on a mission to finish up a few projects that have been on my list for a very long time. These projects were all so quick and easy that I'm not sure why I didn't finish them long ago!

I bought this metal Eiffel tower at Target a few years back for around $40. I don't have a "before" picture but it started out bronze and had lost some of its paint from being out in the garden. I decided to spray paint it black.

After two or three coats, it looked better than new. Later I saw the same Eiffel tower at Hobby Lobby in a black finish for $69! That made me feel even better about this quick little project!

 These brown wooden birds were next on my list. They belonged to my parents and are two of many items given to them by a neighbor who enjoyed woodworking. The birds were painted brown to match their house, but I found that brown birds didn't show up very well in my garden.

 So I bought some green outdoor paint at Hobby Lobby and brightened them up. Since they are wooden, I found that using a foam brush worked much better than spray painting them.

I spray painted the metal rods black to freshen them up. Now the birds are much more cheerful...

...and they show up very nicely in the garden!

Last on this short list was this black metal butterfly given to me by my mom many years ago. I always liked the shape but a black butterfly tends to get lost in a garden or patio pot. I've hesitated to paint it since Mom gave it to me, but I finally decided to go for it.

 I spray painted the butterfly lime green. (Can you tell I like that color? I was also trying to use spray paint I already had on hand!) I taped off the antennae and the metal rod so that I could re-paint them black.

 Now the butterfly looks very cute in a patio pot -- and you can actually see it!

I'm glad to finish up these easy projects. Doesn't it feel great to check things off your to-do list? :)

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Kristina said...

They look great! I have a silver tabletop Eiffel Tower on a shelf on my deck. I'm currently rehabbing a hutch with Annie Sloan chalk paint. It's a two step process...paint then wax and I'm taking my time getting the piece done...it's only been in our basement for two years, what's another week or so?..lol