29 July 2016

Feline Friday: No Boys Allowed

  Tinsel is my bathroom buddy -- fierce protector of the hairbrush, mirror, and sinks.
 Every day, she hops up on the counter and patrols back and forth, purring and rubbing all over me while I try to get ready for the day. It's not easy to keep her away from the hot dryer and curling iron, nor is it efficient to stop what I'm doing to give her attention, but I always welcome Tinsel's company. For some strange reason (even after the remodel), the bathroom is pretty much the only area in the house where she is friendly and social!

 Because the bathroom is clearly HERS, Tinsel was recently rather alarmed by the contractor working on a lift outside the bathroom window. She kept a close eye on him while he was fixing our siding. I wonder if he noticed the little face peering out the window and giving him the evil eye!

After all, everyone knows that the bathroom belongs to us girls! No boys allowed...even outside! :)


1 comment:

Kimberly Marie said...

Hi Tinsel! So glad you have your happy, cozy space. :)