28 July 2016

Bedroom Update: New Bedding

We are still plugging along on the very slow bedroom update. Spouse recently finished the painting, and while our daughter was home, she helped pick out new bedding. 

I have been on the lookout for a matelasse (embroidered) coverlet in a neutral ivory/cream color so that I can use my heirloom quilts with it. Here are two inspiration photos from Pinterest so you can see what I mean!
 As shown in these photos, my plan is to add small accent pillows to match whatever quilt I may be using. That way I can add pops of color without committing long-term to any particular color scheme. I've made soooo many decorating mistakes in the past, and most of them were related to making large-scale color/pattern choices on items that were hard to change (flowered wallpaper, plaid couch, etc.). So I vow to keep things pretty neutral going forward!

 As a reminder, this is what the bedding looked like before (yikes!). When we moved to this house 22 years ago, the pink floral wallpaper border and curtains were there. Although I disliked all of it, we didn't want to spend any money updating the room so we just threw a green comforter on the bed and ignored it. After 22 years, it was obviously due for an update!

This is how it looks now. Although the room is a work in progress, it's a big improvement.

  Because the headboard is tall, we found that the bed needed two sets of shams. The ones in the back are square Euroshams. The shams in front are normal pillow-size.

Obviously, I haven't done any other decorating in the room, nor do I have any quilts or accent pillows on the bed yet. My quilts have been in storage for a very long time and need to be laundered or cleaned before using them. One thing at a time! :)

Now that we've painted and purchased new bedding, we'll be replacing the window trim and carpet this fall. Although this project is taking some time, each little step we've taken makes the room feel so much better. Progress -- even slow progress -- makes me happy!

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Kimberly Marie said...

It's coming along great! I'm always happy with some progress, because at least I'm moving in the forward position! :)