06 July 2016

Bedroom Update: Painting Done

Awhile back, I posted that we were starting to update our master bedroom. This space adjoins the bathroom which we just remodeled, and we needed to update it so that the two spaces match. The bedroom is not done yet by any means, but finishing the painting is a big step in that direction.

The painting has taken a long time due to the presence of a floral wallpaper border around the room. Spouse elected to lightly sand it and paint over it heavily and I'm happy to report that his idea worked great. You'd never guess there was a border hiding under the paint!

Here you can see the color pretty well. It's the same color we used in the hallway outside the bedroom door. (The shadow you see on the wall in the photo below is the headboard of our bed.)

We have two corner windows which we will have re-framed to match the windows in the bathroom. Having a wider/deeper frame will allow us to change the metal mini-blinds to the same kind of roller shades we used in the bathroom.

Now the two spaces flow together in one neutral color scheme. Obviously, it's a lot of tan right now because I have yet to do any "decorating" in either space!

To finish off this room, we'll be getting new carpet (the carpet is original to the house, making it 22+ years old...yikes!), changing the window frames, installing roller shades, and getting new bedding. Compared to the painting, those will all be easier tasks! 

It's amazing how different the space looks now. Although I'm anxious to finish it, I'm already enjoying it very much! 

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