26 April 2016

Bedroom Update: Painting

Awhile back, I shared that we've started updating the master bedroom which adjoins our bathroom. I'm super excited about this change because it means that the two rooms will flow together from a color and design standpoint. 

As I mentioned in that post, the wallpaper border will not come off AT ALL, so Spouse tried painting over it. To my complete surprise, it WORKS! After a couple of coats of paint, it's completely covered. Had I known that we could "just" paint over it successfully, I might have pressed for this update a few years ago! :)

To make sure there is no little "ridge" of wallpaper border, Spouse has been lightly peeling and sanding the bottom edge. This little trick has worked perfectly.

 After this first coat dries, the walls will need a second coat to ensure good coverage.

But I already love the change! Color makes all the difference.

After this room, we will have only one more room with wallpaper border to remove or cover. Somehow Spouse doesn't want to talk about that just yet! :) One project at a time! 


Kristina said...

Looks good! That color looks like what we have in our main foyer, hallway and library...SW Beach House. Watch that the wallpaper border doesn't start to bubble and come off with time. I'm going to be painting our kitchen/family room in July.

Janet said...

Yikes...sure hope that doesn't happen, Kristina! I mentioned your comment to Spouse and he said he was aware of that possibility so first applied a very thin coat and let it dry for a few days before doing the next layer. Crossing fingers we don't run into problems! Good luck with your painting project! When it comes to painting, it seems one room leads to another. :)