27 April 2016

Monthly Planner

  I've always kept a calendar or planner of some sort. In fact, I still have ALL of my calendars, going all the way back to high school! If you don't believe me, here's proof from 1978 and 1980! :)

Calendars and planners are great little records of everyday life, and I always refer to them when working on my scrapbooks. Calendars are very important to me!

When I got my smart phone a few years ago, however, my calendar/planner habits changed. With my phone, I could easily sync calendars with Spouse plus keep notes and to-do lists with me wherever I went. So I stopped using my Franklin Planner at that time, as it was an unnecessary duplication of what was on my phone.

Still, the record-keeper in me wanted a paper calendar to keep, so I printed out my phone calendars and put them in a binder. You know, just for the record. :)

So with that as a backdrop, the "new" Simple Stories planners sort of upset my apple cart. They are absolutely beautiful and allow you to not only keep track of everything (like with a Franklin Planner or smart phone) but also decorate the pages however you'd like. So I jumped on the planner bandwagon in January, not sure how things would go.

Since starting up with my planner, I still put every event on my smart phone so that I can sync with Spouse and set reminders for myself. I'll admit that seems like a bit of a duplication, but it doesn't take too much time. And I know that I'll want a paper record anyway, which the planner provides.

  Here is my April calendar with a few events added and some blurred out for privacy. As you can see, the planner accessories are pretty cute. I'm still trying to figure out how to decorate the pages and not lose space for writing.

My friend Katie is an avid planner and teaches a class at Memory Bound. I have learned a lot from Katie about how to use these newfangled planners! We made the cute little divider in one of her classes.

 All in all, I've been enjoying my "new" planner. It's still a work in progress as I try to figure out how to integrate it with my phone calendar and make it both functional and cute, but I think I'm on the right track. At least I haven't missed any appointments! :)

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