15 April 2016

Feline Friday with Rory

It's official: Rory just gets cuter every day. All of this cuteness must have been bottled up inside her when Bailey adopted her last August...and now it is seeping out in daily doses!

I mean, seriously...who can resist this face-grab?

 Rory has the ability to make her neck REALLY long, like a giraffe. This allows her to thoroughly investigate Important Things without moving her bottom. :) And those feet! They are HUGE!

Her legs are also REALLY long, as evidenced here! We think she's done growing, but if she ever grows into her long legs and huge feet, she'll be GINORMOUS! :)

The bathroom is HERS. This includes the bathtub, the toilet, the counter, the cabinets, the drawers, the sink, and now (credit to me!) the cabinet.

There's that long neck again! :)

When it's time to sleep, Bailey puts Rory in a sweater or t-shirt and she hops right on the bed. Here she is waiting for Bailey to give her a bedtime treat! BE STILL, MY HEART!

And she's the biggest little cuddle bunny while she's sleeping! She relaxes so completely that she is LIMP like a noodle. Here she is snuggled in Bailey's arm.

I'm so happy that Bailey found such a precious kitty! I love these girls!

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Renita G. said...

Absolutely precious!