29 April 2016

Feline Friday: Lily Goes to the Vet and Doesn't Kill Anyone

 It was time for Lily's annual exam and vaccinations this week. Of course, we had to be sure she was looking lovely for her appointment, so I grabbed Mr. Furminator and gave her a good brushing. OH, MY!!! Can you tell it's spring? Mind you, I brush both kitties regularly, so I have to wonder where all this fur came from! Needless to say by the time I finished with her, she was looking quite spiffy!

It's never a problem to get Lily into the carrier as she -- strangely -- likes to sleep in it whenever it's out. It's only when we get into the SUV that she realizes that things aren't going her way!

 At the first stoplight, her sweet little nose was pressed out through the bars!
At home, Lily is the sweetest kitty ever but at the vet, she turns into something from a horror movie. Her chart is marked FEISTY and that can be an understatement. So as we drove along to her appointment, we had a conversation about GOOD BEHAVIOR and what that might look like:

Do not hiss or growl (excessively)!
Come out of the carrier without clinging to the lid with your claws!
Do not potty in your carrier like Rory did last week on the way to her vet visit!
Do not lash out and injure the staff with your very sharp claws!
And certainly, do not bite at any time!

Lily took these suggestions under advisement and by the time we reached the vet's office, she promised to be GOOD. :)

 And surprisingly, she WAS good! It only took two of us to remove her from the carrier with just a bit of low growling. There was no gnarling or gnashing of teeth and none of the staff had to go get the First Aid kit!

And to top it off, she was down a couple of ounces from our last visit. I'm pretty sure that was because of the massive amount of FUR I removed beforehand...but still!

With a clean bill of health, Lily was only too happy to be on the way home.

When I pulled into the garage, she was biting on the bar of her carrier, ready to go inside for a snack. :)
Although it's hard to believe, Lily is now ten years old, so I'm grateful for her continued good health...and for an uneventful vet visit!

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