08 April 2016

Feline Friday: Just Loafin'

Gentle blog readers: 
So much for my plans to get back to blogging more regularly! I was called for jury duty beginning April 1 and expected to be done with it in just a couple of days. As it turned out, I was in the pool for a major case and the jury selection process took nearly four full days. In the end, I was not selected (whew!) but losing those days set me back quite a bit. Now I'm scurrying to get caught up (again) and hope things smooth out in the next few days! :)

Many of you are familiar with Lily's Napkin Basket antics. She used to sit in this basket when she was a tiny kitten and somehow thinks that she can still fit comfortably in it now, as long as she pulls out all the napkins. :)

I was recently taking stock of my Longaberger baskets and uncovered a large loaf basket which belonged to my mom. I sat it next to the too-small napkin basket as a more "size appropriate" alternative for Lily. As you can see, she took the matter under consideration.

I don't know, Mom...do I REALLY needz a bigger baskit?

 Okai, I'll give it a trie!

Oooo, dis baskit is much more comfie!

So here is Lily in the new/old loaf basket...

...as they say, just loafin' around. :) 

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Kimberly Marie said...

Aw, how cute she is in her much more size appropriate basket!