01 July 2016

Feline Friday: Lily's New Path

This week, I took Lily outside for a walk. It was the first time she'd been out since the new edging was installed. 

 Lily, who hates the feel of grass on her feet, could not be happier with the new stone! She made a beeline for it and off she went with me in tow! She was trotting so quickly that she pulled the leash taut.

 Occasionally she glanced to the grass as if to say, YAY! I do not haz to walk in dis scrachie grass naow!

When we came to a patch of iris overhanging the edging, she stopped in her tracks and looked back to me for assistance. I lifted her over the iris and on she went!

  For the first time, Lily traveled all the way around the house!
 Who knew the edging would make such a nice kitty path? :-)

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