18 June 2016

Landscaping Project: Phase 1 Done!

 I am excited to report that the first phase of our landscaping project is done! Unlike our bathroom remodeling project that went on for a very long time, this project was finished in two days. It was great to see it started and wrapped up so quickly, and I could not be happier with how it turned out. Click HERE and HERE for "before" and "during" posts, if you are interested! :)

In this part of the project, the flower beds were re-shaped to soften some of the sharp edges for both aesthetic and mowing purposes. Many of the spaces were also expanded based on the plans I had drawn up a couple of summers ago, and stone edging was installed around most areas. In addition, we had two bushes removed and three trees planted.

This is a Miss Kim lilac tree on standard at the corner/front of the house. This tree replaces a different type of small tree we lost a few years ago. Obviously I have a lot of work to do to clean up this bed!

We added a flowering crab tree to the front yard in a place where we've never had a tree. I'm very excited to have a tree in that space.

This Japanese lilac replaces a very messy but lovely locust tree we had removed a few years back. I have missed that tree, so it is very nice to have another one in its place. Let's hope I can keep all three trees alive!

In the front of the house, we had two boxwood bushes removed, and I can't believe how much better the area looks. The bushes were the last remaining bits of an old hedge and I can see now how awkwardly they blocked the house and garden. 


 This bed has been expanded (where you see the mulch) and the edges reshaped. In the fall or next spring, I will need to add more perennials to fill it.

  This back garden area is still a mess but at least the big prickly crimson barberry bush is gone. It was the lone remaining bush of three we had planted there many moons ago. In addition, the entire bed was edged. 

Edging was added along the side of the house but this area stayed about the same width. I have a few issues here (notably an aphid infestation) that need to be addressed this summer but on the plus side, there are some empty spots available for plants I divide in the fall.

Walking around the back of the house, you can see the new softer line of the flower beds. I absolutely love the curves! The areas with empty mulch are all new spaces.

For years, I've struggled with the bed in the photo below. It definitely needs the most work of any of the garden spaces. The coreopsis spreads uncontrollably and will be removed. That will leave plenty of room for other plants. In the meantime, it is great to get the borders cleaned up and free of infiltrating grass!

This same bed was expanded on one end where it meets the patio. New plants there will provide a bit of a "screen" to make the patio feel more enclosed.

 In the fall, the crew will come back and we will work on the content of the beds -- moving, splitting, removing, and adding perennials to better achieve a cottage garden look. In the meantime (as you can see from these photos), I have a lot of work to do to clear out weeds and other gunk!

I'm very happy with how this part of the project came together. I can't believe what a big difference the edging makes! And with the beds expanded and re-shaped, I can better visualize the changes that need to take place this fall!

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