17 June 2016

Feline Friday: Wake Up!

Excuse the blurriness of these pictures as I share with you what has lately become my morning "routine". :)

I'm in the last few minutes of a dream when I hear Lily quietly jump onto my nightstand with a little THUD. I try to keep my eyes closed, hoping she'll let me sleep a few minutes longer. The next thing I know, NPR's Morning Edition turns off, so I know she's now standing on the on/off button of my radio!

Did you know that Lily fancies herself a hair stylist? She's very exclusive...it seems that I'm her only client! Since she's taken up this early morning hobby, I've learned to put my head under the covers as she RAKES across my hair with her very sharp claws. If I wasn't already awake, this pretty much does the trick!

  So now my eyes are a little more open and I'm repeatedly lifting Lily down off the radio and placing her gently on the floor. But like a little boomerang, she just keeps coming back!

Apparently my fancy hair style is not quite done! Ouch! That was my ear, Lily!

 Mommie, get up! Itz tyme for mi brekfast!

So with my hair freshly coiffed, I'm ready for my day! 
But Lily? Soon after breakfast, she'll be ready for her nap. :)


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