23 June 2016

Recent Thrift Store Finds

I can't help myself...I can't resist a good thrift store run. I know, I know...I'm supposed getting rid of stuff. I'm really, truly trying to do that. But the frugal part of me, the part of me that hates to see good stuff languishing unloved, the part of me that picks up stuff off the curb...well those parts of me just can't be squelched!

I knew I was headed for trouble when a Goodwill opened just up the street from us. WAY TOO CLOSE. So as I drive daily past that place, I sometimes helplessly feel my steering wheel veering right into the parking lot! It's like my vehicle drives itself there!

But look at the treasures I've found! Two tiny old nesting leaf dishes...49 cents. I mean, seriously, how sweet are they? JOY!

 Who can fault me for spending pocket change on these adorable little dishes?

 I'm not certain what they were originally used for, but they are the perfect little soap dishes for our bathroom, one for each sink, and oodles better than what I'd been looking for! Perfect color, charming little shape, awesome price...and put to good use!

And look at this sweet little watering can! I removed the decorative label and discovered that it actually works! When I shared a picture of it on Facebook, I posted that it was 79 cents but I've since remembered that it was actually 10 cents! Seriously, 10 cents!

I love galvanized tin, and this little watering can is the perfect size for a tiny bouquet of flowers. I put a small jar inside it to hold the water and keep it from rusting. So sweet!

I found this swanky Mad Men ice bucket last fall, and I'll admit that at $10 it was way more than I would normally spend at the thrift store. But look how awesome it is! If I ever decide to sell it, I know it would go for much more than that...but for now I just love how it looks on our bar cart! Meanwhile, we are ready for a party that we will never have! :)

Perhaps best of all, I recently found this little camping percolator coffee pot at a different thrift store for just 79 cents! All the parts were there and it was in great condition. After a bit of clean-up, it looked as good as new! Spouse and I have enjoyed wonderful percolator coffee a few times! More on that in a future post.

 How sweet is this little guy with my mom's mug tree and old restaurant china?

I figure that for every joy-filled thrifted item I bring home, if I donate or sell at least two other items that no longer bring me joy, I'm staying ahead of the game, right? If you see Spouse, please back me up on that! :)

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