20 June 2016

A Few Spring Bouquets

With the abundant rain we've had this spring, it's been a banner year for my spring flowers. My iris bloomed more than ever before -- and many of my friends experienced the same bounty! And, naturally, more flowers = more bouquets!

Right now, I have more perennials that bloom in the spring than in the summer, so I've been cutting flowers for bouquets each week while the color lasts! I try to remember to take photos of each bouquet so I can remember various color schemes and arrangements from year to year. I especially love small vases which are easy to place on a sink or a nightstand but I'll admit I'm a bit of a sucker for all sorts of vases and containers!

This collage is in the order of bloom-time, starting with the Pasque flowers in the upper left corner, followed by lilacs, iris, honeysuckle, globe allium, and my grandma's beautiful fern peony in the bowl. The bouquets in the bottom row were gathered more recently and include the flowers that are blooming right now: white cone flower, heliopsis, yarrow, and pink flowers from our spirea bushes, with a few annuals and mint sprigs mixed in for filler!

As always, I look forward to seeing how my perennials do this summer...and how I can bring some of that outdoor prettiness inside! 

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