10 June 2016

Feline Friday: Catnip Friend

Last night I walked outside into our garage and was quite surprised to see Neighbor Kitty standing there. But he didn't stop to talk because he was on his way to the CATNIP!
Although I hadn't caught him in the act, I suspected Neighbor Kitty had been back because I recently found my catnip plant nibbled down to the dirt and had to add a second plant to keep up with the demand! Of course, I don't mind one bit because I'm growing catnip to attract kitties who may be passing by our house. Lily enjoys it, too.

Even before consuming massive amounts of catnip, Neighbor Kitty is quite friendly. This sweet tuxedo kitty lets me hold him, but he's quite a load! He must weigh at least 20 pounds!

Of course, the more catnip he ate, the chattier he became!

After a certain quantity, he began rolling all over the patio! 

Of course, all of this commotion caused Tinsel and Lily to go to the door to investigate. As usual, Tinsel (not pictured here due to her erratic jumping) wanted to fight Neighbor Kitty through the glass. Neighbor Kitty, completely drugged at this point, just looked at her with mild amusement. :) 

Lily, on the other hand, seemed quite intrigued by this big boy.
As if in an effort to impress us, he purred loudly and made some serious biscuits with those massive paws!

After initially pulling back his ears, he seemed captivated by Lily's lovely appearance through the screen.

 She didn't even hiss at him! Can you see her little face peeking out? Our pretty girl was definitely on her best behavior.

Of course, these two will never be allowed to meet in PURR-son. But could this be love through the sliding door? 
Or is it just the catnip? We'll see what the summer brings!

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