21 June 2016

Old Made New: Tulip Box

The first apartment we lived in after we got married was PINK. Pink toilet, pink sink, pink bathtub, pink stove, pink oven...PINK. When choosing the apartment, I had a choice of pink or teal and I remember thinking at the time that neither of those choices were good. I considered pink the lesser of two evils but in retrospect, I'm not sure that was correct!

Anyway, when we got married, we received a PLETHORA of pink stuff: towels, kitchen items, you name it. Everything PINK. I am not a fan of pink, and still to this day (30 years later) we have some of that pink stuff still in our midst.

Case in point: This box of pink tulips, given to me by an old college friend. Other than the pink part, I've always liked the tulips so I've kept it around, plus it matched our old bathroom decor. Now, of course, it matches nothing so I decided to update it. 

 I repainted the tulips with cream acrylic paint. I used a dark olive paint on the leaves.

I glued the stems in place to keep the tulips from annoyingly tipping over as they've always done.

To finish it up, I filled the box with small decorative rocks which are easy to remove and wash when needed.

This was a quick and easy project and I'm happy with how it turned out. Much better than pink, for sure! Now this box of tulips can return to its place of honor on the back of the toilet! :)

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