16 June 2016

Landscaping Project Underway!

I am happy to report that the landscaping project (Phase 1) is happening! What was left of the black plastic edging has been removed and the new bed outlines have been cut. Almost all of the beds have expanded and their shapes modified. I love the new curves!

As you can see from the dirt, there will be a lot of new space to plant this fall. This is very exciting for me...and also a little bit scary! I am happy that the landscape designer will be on hand to oversee Phase 2 and that the crew will provide much of the labor. With the size of these perennials, there is no way I can do all of that digging on my own!

 Although I could see the new perimeters as they were marked with spray paint, the shapes became REALLY clear when the guys finished cutting out all the sod. I love the new softer curves!

There was a sharp corner where the patio bed met the narrow bed at the back of the house. Now that has been reshaped into a more natural curve. This will make mowing easier and should look much nicer, too.

 The guys did an amazing job re-shaping the beds and clearing out all the gunk which must have been there. Imagine doing all of this in 90+ degree heat and high humidity. Ugh.

The content of the beds will change this fall as we remove some plants altogether, split others, and add new perennials. We are still tweaking the final design and I'm sure it will continue to be modified when we start on it this fall.

After the sod was removed, the crew cut these big "planks" of stone to fit the curves and set the pieces in place. This is very hard work, especially in the heat.

I still can't believe how much nicer the beds look with the new edging! Even with those big expanses of dirt and all of my weeds, they already look so much more "planned" and tidy. Once the edging is in place, the crew will mulch the empty areas so that the beds look more finished...until we tear them up in the fall!

One or two more days of work and this part of the project will be done. I'm so happy this long-awaited project is underway!

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