22 July 2016

Feline Friday: The Art of the Steal


All this week, Lily has been on a mission to steal snacks. Wait...Who am I fooling? That's ALWAYS her mission! Anyway, one evening Lily was SOUND ASLEEP on my lap while I was watching the news. Suddenly, she sat straight up and began sniffing the air. I had no idea what she was detecting, but when I turned around, I could see that Spouse had just opened a bag of white cheddar popcorn and settled in on the couch to watch a video.

Now comes the best part. Spouse was completely engrossed in his phone when she jumped down off my lap and quietly peeked at the snack in question.

YEP, dis be popkorns!

 Spouse remained completely oblivious while Lily crept around to the back of the ottoman where she would have a straight shot into the open bag. 

 At this point, tears were rolling down my face as I watched her sophisticated methods. Meanwhile, Spouse STILL does did not notice that a small face was peering into his popcorn bag!

When Spouse put the phone up to his ear, I knew Lily was practically home free. She was closing in on the popcorn when he suddenly spotted our stealthy thief and shooed her away!
She didn't get any popcorn (that time) but you've got to admit, her methods are top-notch! Lily has truly perfected the "art of the steal"! :)

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Kimberly Marie said...

Lol!!! She's a little stinker! Love how cats are always up for a stealthy challenge!