06 March 2016

Florida Album: Slowest Progress Ever!

One thing that absolutely makes me crazy is having unfinished projects lying around. And I've got a few of them, notably the boxes of sentimental items that line the walls of our basement. But my unfinished scrapbooks represent some of my biggest frustrations.

We took a trip to Florida in 2010 right after our daughter graduated from high school. I started the album a year later. She has now been out of COLLEGE for nearly a year and the album STILL isn't done! Good grief!

I got off to a good start with this album. I bought pocket pages and came up with a simple design scheme, as well as a way to organize the photos into sections.

Obviously life got in the way for quite awhile and I didn't feel much like scrapbooking for some time. But nowadays the problem is that I don't take time for my own personal projects. I spend most of my creative energy doing store projects and classes (which I absolutely LOVE) but I don't routinely make time for my personal crafting goals.

 I am my own worst enemy in this regard. I've always been a "work first, play only when all your work is done" person and since I never finish all the work on my list, I never get to the "play" part.

  The solution to this problem is simple: I need to ease up on that crazy rule and just build in some time for these projects. Time is ticking away and I'll never finish them if I never make time to work on them.

 I would feel so much better having this one vacation album done. When this album is finished, I have several heritage albums and a Paris album to make, and of course I want to finish our family scrapbooks.

I've been thinking about these unfinished projects a lot lately so over the past few days, I worked really hard to finish the most pressing tasks on my list so that I could allow myself a few hours to work on this album. And I made quite a bit of progress!

  When I do make time for scrapbooking I'm actually pretty speedy, so I don't think it will take a super long time to finish this album.

 In just a few hours, I finished the Disney section of the album, leaving "only" Universal and Harry Potter to go.

If it's not too late for a New Year's Resolution, I'm resolving right now to finish this Florida trip album. I'm leaving it out on my table until it gets done! 

And after it is done, I will start and finish another one. Hold me accountable, OK?

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Kimberly Marie said...

AMEN, Janet!! I am exactly like you - work first, then play - and I NEVER get much done for myself. It makes me very frustrated and unhappy at times. I so dislike being a perfectionist who is way too hard on herself, and won't give herself a break!! I'm sure this will be a lifelong battle of mine, but I do try moreso nowadays to let go of some of the "must do's" on my list, and do something for myself that I really enjoy. (Like my photography, gardening, and expanding on my love of birds by putting up houses and more feeding areas!) I think you've made good progress on the album so far, and yes, I will hold you accountable! Can't wait to see the finished results!! ☺