11 March 2016

Feline Friday: Bird Watch with Tinsel

I've recently spotted a few robins wintering over in Iowa. In years past, it was really unusual to see a robin in the winter around here but from what I've read, warming patterns have changed enough to make some robins stay in these parts during the winter months rather than fly south.

This little guy was digging in the mulch for bugs that might be hiding there next to the warm house. He (or she) must have been successful because he was quite plump!

Little did the robin know that someone (Tinsel) was lurking just behind the windowpane!

1 comment:

Kimberly Marie said...

Does Tinsel ever pounce on the window as if to try and catch the birds? I have a feeder hanging just outside my office area window, and Missie loves to sit and watch the birds that come. When one stays long enough, she crouches, then pounces at the window leaving tiny paw "pounce" marks on the glass! It's so funny to watch! But I'm always having to clean that window so I at least can have a nice view of the birds when I'm working at my desk! ☺