17 September 2009

ROYGBIV strikes again!

While I was at Memory Bound today working on some projects, a large shipment of Distress Crackle Paint arrived. My wonderful friend, Katie, was in charge of unpacking the shipment and setting it up on a lovely new display rack.

Well, it's a GOOD THING I was there! Who knows how Katie might have arranged the colors? As soon as I saw all of those little paint containers, I suggested that they be placed on the rack in rainbow color order. And of course, Katie agreed! :-)

She started with red-orange-yellow...

Then I had to go, leaving Katie COMPLETELY ON HER OWN to finish this project!

Before I left, she grouped the green-blue-violet together,
and I could see that Katie (a former elementary school teacher) really knows her colors!

Then she sorted out the neutrals to put on the bottom of the rack.

And here is Katie, showing me how much she appreciated my advice! :-)


Linda said...

This made me smile. Of course it has to be in roygbiv order. Cute thank you card too

Kristina said...

Oh thank goodness you were there!

Maureen said...

Ha! Well, how ELSE would you order them??? ;)