03 September 2009

The "Before" Door

In case you haven't heard my shouts of joy, we're in the process of painting our house. After 15 years of PINK (Spouse calls it ROSE), we are completely changing the color scheme. More on that in a future post, assuming I can beat Spouse into submission. (JUST KIDDING! I never beat him. I just wear him down! lol)

One of the most exciting parts of the project is that we are getting a new front door. I am possibly even more excited about the door than I am the new paint colors.
Why, you ask? Well, this door has a number of issues. I've never liked the style, especially the rounded etched glass and bow at the bottom of the window. (As you've probably guessed by now, I'm all about straight lines. And no bows.)

And then there's the color...PINK! (Again, Spouse calls it ROSE.) In addition, the glue that holds in the glass has melted over the years, oozing out around the edges of the glass in unsightly blobs. And to top it off, the main door is nearly impossible to open, and the storm door won't shut.

The new door will be installed on Friday. It's a very basic black door with a RECTANGULAR (not rounded!) window and no etched bow. And it really opens and closes! I could not be more excited!

The only issue is that the new side lights will not go all the way to the floor as they do now. This means that the kitties will not be able to see out the windows. (You can only imagine Spouse's dismay when I mentioned this to the guy at Lowe's.) I'm hopeful that this problem can be resolved by placing a cat-sized stool in the entry way.

Cat issues aside, I know I'm going to be much happier come Friday. Watch for "after" photos soon!


Sharon said...

Yep,I've heard some whoops of joy coming from the South! :) I'm excited for you. It's going to be gorgeous. Makes me want to have our front door painted black and the shutters. It would look good with gray and the white windows. And DH just said this morning that he had seen our painter and was thinking of asking him to paint the garage door and the front door. It would look so cool for Halloween.

Judy said...

I'm looking forward to seeing the after pictures of door and house. Your excitement carries through to your posts. I'm so happy for you. Sad that the kitties lose their 'window' space, but I'm sure you will compensate some how.

Linda said...

It will be like a new house. Can't wait to see the new door