25 September 2009

Feline Friday: Hai guise, Im a krapbuker!

So mi mommeh wuz werkin on a krapbuk paig and i desided ta halp.

As u can see she rilly needed mi halp becuz she waz gunna doo sumfing vary uglee!

She wanted to put sum stoopid sircles on da krapbuk paig fur dekurashun. I telled her it was vary uglee. She wud not beeleeve me so i taked dem off. All bi miself!

I telled mi mommeh dat she shud uze flours insted. Den i finded deez brown wuns. She sed dey did not mach but dat she wud uze mi ideeah...

...an she did! She putted purtee flours on hur krapbuk paig! Wich wuz totulee mi ideeah! Im a krapbuker!

Note from Mom: This page is based on a sketch from the Got Sketch Doubles class. Thanks to Lily for helping with the embellishments! She has very good ideas!


Connie said...

Please send Lily over to help me. Maybe then I could actually get a layout done for this class!

Heather said...

So cute! I love Lily's commentary. Glad she could help...Beldar and Sam just sit on my pages. LOL

KarenSue said...

Lily is a natural!!

looks like she and my
Charlette would get along very well, maybe we should set them up for an online crop!

Fonda said...

Lily is so talented! Do you think she dreams in ROYGBIV?

Lisa Foster said...

Awww..weul dats toe tweet ob Lily to halp you. She a good halper, look lyike. My kitty, Clemmy halp her Mum too tumtimes.

I toe gwad to fine tumbody who know Kitty 'peak. :)

Thanks for sharing...she's adorable and so is your page! (Esp. the flowers!)

Kristina said...

LOL! Mine just sit here with me and stare or sleep...no help at all!

Cheri said...

Lily can make the rounds...I wonder what she'd choose at my house for my next page? :)