10 September 2009

Layout: Rock Around the Clock

I've been making my way (at the speed of molasses) through 2008 photos. Seems like I've been mired in fall, 2008 for quite some time!

This is one set of fall photos that I've really looked forward to scrapbooking. During Homecoming week, our school hosts "Rock Around the Clock," a team competition involving a lot of chocolate pudding. I SOMEHOW managed to designate myself (ha!) pseudo team photographer last year, so I was allowed on the field for some action shots. I just had to stay out of the way of the flying pudding and eggs!

Because I ended up with so many fun photos, I made 4 pages for this event. Of course, I kept things pretty simple to focus on the photos and the story, written by Daughter (click on the picture to read it). I made my own little clock embellishment using a piece of clip art and a couple of nested circles.

Oh, and I threw in a little bit of hoarded Ki striped paper, just because. :-)


Debbie said...

Great layout as usual. The striped paper adds continuity to your albums, so keep it up!

Fonda said...

Very cool, Love the colors!

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

I love the colors too! And sounds like a fun even!