11 September 2009

Feline Friday: All in a Day's Work

As many of you know, we're having our house painted. Unfortunately, Lily and Tinsel have had to spend their days confined in our basement or upstairs bedroom because our painter frequently goes in and out of the house.

Since the painting project has been underway, Lily apparently has been inspired by the notion of home renovation. So, with ample time on her paws, she has launched her own home-based business: Lily's Carpet Removal Service.

In a few short hours, Lily can remove any carpet (unwanted or even wanted!) from your home.

And clean-up's a breeze, because she eats most of the fibers.

Although Lily is obviously very skilled at her work, we don't know if this new business will catch on outside of our house.

In the meantime, we're all hoping the painting project wraps up fairly quickly. If not, a flooring project will soon be underway. :-)


Catherine said...

Ahh cats... they are so helpful... no? Good luck with your renovations!

Sharon said...

Lily could come here to remove carpet and no one would mind. Does she have a slogan?

Anya said...

Beautiful cats :)
We have no carpet but they are very helpful :)))))
Kareltje =^.^=

Lisa Foster said...

Gotta love 'em...now you'll have hair balls and carpet balls! LOL
Your kitties are adorable! Thanks for visiting my blog today and for your sweet comments! Have a great weekend!

Debbie said...

She looks so cute on her back with her paws tucked. The carpet thing-stress or trying to get out of a locked room? If you don't like your carpet, you could put her to work all over the house, LOL.

Janet said...

Lol Our Lily is quite a character. She doesn't like to be in a closed room, so she goes to work on the carpet. But she also does this to any area of carpet with a seam. Of course, the kitties have a scratching post but she would prefer carpet, thank you! lol
And shhh...don't tell my DH but I'd like to have the carpet removed completely! Lily and I might be in cahoots...lol

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

I hope she does work in Texas, because this house is just FULL of carpet from the 70s. I need to get some of it taken care of and Sugar and Nimue seem to be leaning on their shovels.

It's nice that you don't have to worry about carting it to the Habitat place or having them come get it!

BTW, I linked to you chicken blow dry post again, because I just enjoyed it THAT much! Besides, it totally fit into my post: Houston: Home of the BIG Billy Goat and the Gender Confused Rooster.

Maureen said...

I do believe Lily has taken up branch office of our cat's carpet removal service... for years they have been slowly removing ours. But it's so old, I could care less. In fact, I can hardly wait until the 22 year old carpet is gone forever.

Cheri said...

Oh dear! LOL!
May I borrow Lily for a few days? I'll pay her well for her work. I want new carpet in our living room and this might be my ticket!

Will Lily come with the pretense that you are on vacation and need a kitty sitter?;) We wouldn't want my DH to get suspicious now, would we? My kids will treat her very well...Christopher is begging us for a cat!