06 September 2009

Layout: Trick or Treat

Okay, here's another Halloween layout. Yes, this one happens to include a little bit of striped paper, but the important thing to notice is that I used a hoarded embellishment. I've been saving that laser-cut haunted house, waiting for just the right set of photos!

I really like these particular pictures, not only because of the cute shots of the kids, but also because I actually remembered to take a photo of our neighbors' house. They go all out decorating for Halloween, and it really sets the mood on our street. It was a perfect evening for Trick or Treat, so I also grabbed a couple of photos of goblins stopping by to gather treats.


Fonda said...

I love that haunted house. Fits perfectly. Looks like a creepy place :)

Janet, are you taking CZ's Me: The Abridged Version online class at BPS? I am and just wondered if you were to?

Janet said...

Thanks, Fonda! :-)
No, I'm passing this time. I love that project concept, but I'm on a mission to finish years of "other" scrapbooking before graduation. lol Are you taking it? You know it will be a great class!

Debbie said...

Great layout, the die cut house looks perfect!

Cheri said...

Your neighbor's house looks awesome all done up! I think you hoarded that die cut for a reason...it's perfect on here:)