04 September 2009

Marching Season Begins

Tonight marked the first official performance of our marching band. The band is off to a great start. This season's show has a James Bond theme and, based on how it has come together so far, it has the potential for being even better than last year's Lion King show.

I'm looking forward to watching the show progress over the next few weeks. I will NOT think about this being my daughter's senior year. I will NOT dwell on the fact that this is her final high school marching band season. I will NOT think about it. Nope, not even one little bit.

Well, maybe just a tiny bit. *sniff*


Fonda said...

How exciting to start a new season (well maybe not for the mommy!). I love the colors in these shots. I see more KI stripes in the future! :)

Janet said...

lol I agree! That purple is the perfect match for Bazzill Blackberry and one of my many stripes, I'm sure! But it's going to be a tough time for me...